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Aging with Dignity

Innovation and Challenge in Sweden — the voice of care professionals

Demographic change is a defining issue of our time. The worldwide population is aging and countries are facing ongoing challenges in caring for their elderly. Will countries be able to overcome these challenges? Aging with Dignity provides a robust account of best practices in long term care and innovative solutions to the universal challenge of aging.


Voices in
Dementia Care

Based on Interviews by Jean Galiana and Sofia Widén

Dementia is taking an increasingly large toll on families, communities, and societies. Dubbed the Silent Epidemic, it has an impact on all aspects of our healthcare systems. Voices in Dementia Care is based on a series of interviews with experts across Europe and the United States. It captures the voices of these care professionals as they describe the challenges of delivering high quality dementia care with limited resources and provides a critical analysis of best practices today.


Aging Well

A timely response to the global change in demographics

Meeting the healthcare and social needs of the older population is a worldwide public health challenge. Sharing best practices is an essential tool to help societies and health systems meet the challenge successfully. Over two years ACCESS Health Program Manager Jean Galiana interviewed leaders in health innovations and systems of social support that serve older adults. She also interviewed older adults to learn about community connection, social inclusion, dementia awareness and advocacy, and lifelong learning from their perspective. Aging Well is an analysis of the key takeaways from those interviews.

Aging Well is coming soon.

ACCESS Health International

ACCESS Health International works to help provide high quality, affordable care for all, including the elderly and the chronically ill. Our method is to identify, analyze, and document best practices in managing these patients and to consult with public and private providers to help implement new and better cost effective ways to care for them. We also encourage entrepreneurs to create new businesses to serve the needs of this rapidly expanding population. Our goal is to inspire and guide healthcare professionals and legislative leaders in all countries to improve care for their own people.

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