The Defining Issue of our Time:
Demographic Change

Demographic change is a defining issue of our time. As the worldwide population ages, the healthcare systems of every country will meet challenges of scale in providing for their populations. Aging with Dignity: Innovation and Challenge in Sweden – the Voice of Care Professionals is a study of the future of long-term care through the lens of the Swedish healthcare system. The Swedish long-term and social care systems have remarkable strengths, including well-trained nurses, innovative dementia services, and passionate leaders who make a difference in their own organizations and beyond.

Over the past years, the think tank ACCESS Health International has conducted in-depth interviews with more than thirty care professionals in Sweden. Aging with Dignity summarizes the interviews and provides a broader analysis. The full-text interviews can be found at the ACCESS Health website,

If a small, wealthy nation such as Sweden, with well-developed healthcare and social welfare systems, encounters difficulties adapting to demographic change, so will other nations. By examining Sweden’s healthcare coordination, homecare technology, dementia services, and eHealth initiatives, Aging with Dignity makes the case for best practice. It is our hope that readers will recognize as universal both the challenges and the innovative solutions presented here.

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About the Authors

  • Sofia Widén
    Sofia Widén

    Sofia Widén is Program Manager at ACCESS Health International, an international think tank and advisory group on health.

  • William A. Haseltine
    William A. Haseltine

    William A. Haseltine (Ph.D.), is an internationally renowned scientist, businessman, and philanthropist. He is President and Chairman of ACCESS Health International.

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