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This post was written by Shannon Leong, a student majoring in Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore and a former intern with ACCESS Health Singapore.   The importance of good bone health is often overlooked. When people do think about it, it is oft […] Read more

The head of the ACCESS Health China program, Chang Liu, was invited to speak at a number of events across China on topics ranging from health financing to elder care. At the High Level Forum on Promoting Integration of Healthy Shannxi and Elderly Care in Xi’an Cit […] Read more

The Health Futures team in China is working on a serious of projects to analyze health service systems and to document innovative case studies in China and around the globe with an overarching goal to promote the transformation of health systems in the region. Health Fu […] Read more

Poor bone health affects 200 million older individuals globally and can lead to chronic pain, injury, disability, and premature death. In Singapore the number of hip fractures has been climbing steadily to one of the highest age adjusted rates in Asia. ACCESS Health Sin […] Read more

As part of ACCESS Health’s ongoing effort to ensure that best practices in healthcare are shared, adopted, and adapted widely we are preparing to launch a new book bringing the latest research on best practices in long term and elder care. Meeting the healthcare a […] Read more

Singapore, 30 November 2018 – ACCESS Health International and NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS) today announced the 2018 top teams from Modern Aging Singapore. Three teams were awarded a total of $100,000, in seed f […] Read more

The Modern Aging Program in China recently launched a new online curriculum, including a series of online videos on the Modern Aging China website. The online curriculum is an important part of the Modern Aging China program as it provides members of the Modern Aging […] Read more

Voices in Dementia Care
– October 3, 2018

Voices in Dementia Care is based on a series of interviews with dementia care experts across Europe and the United States. It captures the voices of these care professionals as they describe the challenges of delivering high quality dementia care with limited reso […] Read more

This post originally appeared on In previous articles in my series on health and aging, I talked about the importance of healthcare coordination and caring for elders in their homes and outside of traditional hospital environments. These efforts are an im […] Read more

This article was originally published on Coordinating social and healthcare for the elderly its a critical challenge. The goal of care coordination is to ensure that all those responsible for the health and wellness of an older person have a clear unders […] Read more

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